The Benefits of Outdoor Fabric Structures

outdoor fabric structures

Outdoor fabric structures offer storage for various kinds of markets including aviation, farm, manufacturing storage, grain storage and numerous other applications.

Whether your business needs increased interior space, extra storage, or an open-walled design, we have the perfect structure for any requirement. Easily equipped with accessories and customizable down to the last detail, there is a fabric structure for every business and every application. We can custom design any building. We supply many different markets with terrific alternatives for outside material buildings. We can find a solution to meet your needs and space requirements at Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.

Section 1: Benefits of outside fabric structures

Outdoor fabric structures are made of several different materials such as lightweight composite boards, polycarbonate plastic, a combination of these two or even pvc fabric.

They are completely weatherproof and waterproof with one-year warranties on some structures, such as the previously mentioned wind barrier.

They also meet an ASTM standard for fire suppression and are insulated with a quality fire-resistant material.

They are often described as being indestructible.

An outdoor fabric structure can be customized in accordance with your design and desired structure height.

They are particularly great if you need the extra space and are limited on available floor space, or need to access the building from the outside.

What is an outdoor fabric structure?

An outdoor fabric structure is constructed with sheet metal which is then covered in a fabric. This technique is commonly called “panelized manufacturing.” It is the next generation of factory-built structures.

This technique is unique, economical, quick and efficient. Sheet metal is easily constructed from all the widely available materials. Your existing structures will be used up. This method produces building large, faster and with the highest quality finish. Most structures are finished with a clear coat or paint finish.

Builders typically only have to make a small run of metal panels for a specific project.

Why choose an outdoor fabric structure?

Convenient and Cost-effective – A building designed from an extremely robust outdoor fabric structure offers extreme insulation characteristics. This makes the structure a strong choice for heat retention in remote locations, on-farm storage, and for outdoor equipment storage.

Adaptable – Being outside makes structures built from an outdoor fabric structure easily adaptable to any temperature range, and the structure itself can be easily installed and removed. The structures we manufacture are manufactured to perform in high winds, torrential rains, and varying weather conditions.

Eco-friendly – Durable, clean, and renewable, an outdoor fabric structure is a great option for those who desire a green business.

How much does it cost to build one?

Of course, we could tell you the materials we used, but you wouldn’t believe us. However, we have an excellent selection of materials, standard specifications and super economical pricing.

You’ll find the best construction costs for longwall fabric structures on the Internet. All you need to do is call or send us a brochure to discuss your building plans.

Fabric Structures for Airplanes, Planes, Semi Trucks

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What are the types of buildings?

One of the most interesting reasons to use an outdoor fabric structure is their ability to perform all sorts of tasks. Some examples of the building types available are:

Grain bin, silo, salt shed, haybarn, green house, greenhouse, livestock enclosure, horse barn, feed barn, cattle barn, garden shed, livestock barn, livestock shed, feed barn, farmyard, dairy barn, pastured piggery, manure shed, poultry housing, swimming pool, storage shed, playhouse, rock garden, greenhouse, heated shed, enclosed pasture

Extended Outdoor Storage

Endless supply of natural resources are needed for survival. This need becomes a tremendous and ongoing challenge for individuals to purchase enough supplies for their own use.

Open to closed buildings

We make a building that can be easily adapted for a variety of uses. Our structures can be converted into one-of-a-kind enclosures for your needs.

Rainwater collectors

We use rainwater to make the water run off to the top of the roof.

Cool breezes

Even in the dead of winter, the warm breezes from our buildings stay cool inside. We can tailor the main areas of the fabric structures to reach or exceed the recommended design limits. We can customize your fabrics so that they are even more comfortable.

Use it for crop or livestock raising

With our modular buildings, you can build a structure that will suit the needs of your livestock or crop animals or both! When needed, our fabrics can be adapted to accommodate a variety of animals and crops.

Fabric structures for farm storage

What Can You Build with Fabric Structures?

1. Airplane hangars

Airplane hangars are perfect for storage of any kind of plane with extended wingspans.

These hangars are not only safe and secure, they provide a quiet working area in which your aircraft can be secured and ready to work while safely stored in the hangar.

2. Ball games and entertainment facilities

Cribbage tables are a fantastic hang-out spot for older people, whereas Skee-Ball and laser tag give adults a new social experience.

A new trend in this space is incorporating large LED screen technology with fabric building. The advanced screen technology could be integrated into the fabric itself.


Buildings for other uses

Brick structures are often the go-to building in rural or semi-rural areas. As brick is an extremely high-value building material, much of it is available surplus from other construction projects. With an ability to withstand almost anything that nature can throw at them, brick structures are ideal for storing various types of materials.

This is what type of building our fabric structures are used for. Many of the popular suppliers also offer a variety of items used to make the bricks.

Stone structures are plentiful in both recycled and cut stone. While these structures can be purchased by the piece, they can also be built by the homeowner, using traditional masonry techniques.

Metal structures are abundant in the US, and easy to transport.


We at Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis offer exceptional fabric structures. If you need more information on our structure selection, contact us for a free quote.

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